New @ Whork!

Time for some shameless self-advertising again! :D

I have been hard at work re-doing the way my store is setup. New vendors, the ability to buy in sets, and a new July Dollarbie are up now! Yay! I love /facepalm because it’s funny and because I love Picard. If I wanted to have anyones babies, they would be his!

I also have a new couples pose, which I gave out to all my current subscribers to celebrate getting 100 members – it’s on sale now in my store!

Don’t forget the Good Shit Hunt is still going on, there’s a hunt gift in my shop as well, a 3 friend pose! Aaaaaaaand there is a donation bucket for Operation Squeegee! Donations are much appreciated by all of us involved as well as the animals on the gulf coast. =) I speak animal ya know, so they told me!

Teleport to Whork!

Happy Friday everyone! :D

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