good neeeeews, everyone!

Guess who’s back? Back again, guess who’s back… and how many pop culture references can I fit into this post, anyway? =P

I’ve been really into making complete outfits lately, and that inspired me to start blogging again. I say a fond farewell to my sad neglected tumblr – as it turns out, blogging is only fun when you know people are watching. =P I’m fairly certain I’m still on a feed or two, and all my archives are here so – eh, why not!

There is something to be said about fashion (irl and isl) that is neglected on occasion by people who are blogging or going about town. That is the importance of accessories and how much they add to an outfit. I am not expert on fashion in any world (my cupcake pajamas say HI!), but I know that the real elements of interest are the details. Anyone can throw on a nice dress and a cool hair and call it done. But that’s not an outfit, that’s just clothes! (Excepting the cases where an article of clothing is so strong your body in it is almost too much… but that’s a whole other blog post.)

An outfit is an ensemble that sends a message. Not “this is a girl in a dress” but “this is a kickass bitch in an indecently short dress” and that is the sort of thing I strive for when I choose my outfits in SL. The message I want to send changes almost daily, but the thing that doesn’t change is my love for the artistry and dedication of the designers, and the personality I strive to put into my avatar.

And on that note, some credits. I am hard at work on my SLURL’s page, which in this layout is strangely missing. Check my sidebar for it’s reappearance soon™! From now on review copies or gifts from designers will be noted with a ☆.

Hair – Truth: Roxana ☆ | Skin – Curio: Elf | Cleavage – Luck Inc: Curio Acorn| Dress – The Plastik: Galizie ☆ | Eyes – Negaposi: Fairy Eyes | Ears – !Visavi: Epigon Ears | Lashes – FTL: Kawaii | Necklace – Hami: Nero Chain Ribbon Necklace | Belt – The Abyss: part of Opium Avatar | Socks – League: Thermal Long Socks | Boots – Shiny Things: Old Boots | Poses – Hopscotch: Attitude ☆

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  1. Lovee it, welcome back to WordPress and also blogging!

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