i can handle the truth

Which is a damn good thing because he dropped no less than SIX releases this week right in to our greedy grasping handsies. =P It’s actually SEVEN releases in one week counting the as yet unavailable project unicef style – the man is a machine I tell you! Don’t worry Truthy-Poo this more than makes up for the devastating lack of releases that other week. Real life, pfffft. ^_~

I found the releases this week really inspiring in a theme-y way, particularly Jersey pictured above. The hair, the tiara, the orange skin and ridiculously pouted pastel lips, the bottle of Cristal clutched in one drunken midgety hand. Just call me Snooki. =P

I don’t know about y’all but I am SUPER stoked about Hair Fair. I was not blogging at the time the applications were going around, so I didn’t feel right applying for early entrance. So I have to wait with everyone else to do the newb lag walk around the 4 sims chock full of all our favorite hair stylists + some new releases from designers new to hair making. What am I extra especially looking forward to? New to hair making – Anya Ohmai’s offerings look incredible. Clawtooth, Lamb and Fri.day are always personal favorites. Hair Fair opens to all on September 4th!

Outfit 1: Hair – Truth – Jersey☆ | Skin – Chaisuki: Elise | Eyeliner – Glam Affair @ TDR | Dress – The Plastik: Boudoir☆ | Armband – Dela: Keira necklace (heavily modded) | Necklace – GANKED: All That Jazz | Bracelet – Ticky Tacky: Twinkle Bangle☆ | Bag w/ Dog – Vocce Styles (former freebie) | Cristal Bottle – Xstreet | Shoes – GOS: Platform Pumps | Pose – GLITTERATI: Long Hair Pack☆

Outfit 2: Hair – Truth: Janelle☆ | Skin – Tres Blah: Jejune | Eyeliner – Glam Affair @ TDR | Eyes – Unique Megastore: Natural Eyes | Necklace – Ticky Tacky: Undercover Lover☆ | Sweater – Luck Inc: Chenille Longsleeve | Bra – Pig: Redhot | Pants – BOOM: Seaman Pants | Shoes – Buttons: People Flats☆ | Pose: GLITTERATI: Long Hair Pack☆

Outfit 3: Hair – Truth: Rachelle☆ | Skin – LAW: Mima | Necklace – Whippet & Buck: Little Bit of Pretty | Left bracelet – LacieCakes: Group Gift | Right bracelet – Whippet & Buck: Ribbon & Pearls | Shirt – Sysy’s: Tunique☆ | Pants – BOOM: Pantime Pants | Shoes – Shiny Things: Zimmy flats (former group gift) | Pose: Olive Juice: Cheeky Knickers (group/hunt gift)☆

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