super quickie!

I have no time for words, because my friend is on her way here to pick me up for the Orange Street Fair! Weeee!

I LOVE this skin from mother goose’s. I have to admit I’ve never been a huge fan of their skins, but when I saw this one on someone’s flickr, I was in love. IN LOVE! :D The lips remind me so much of my RL lips, I think that’s what made me want it so much. And at 500L for 4 makeups with a cleavage option, it’s a deal that shouldn’t be turned down. There are no glaring seams, no weird bits – it’s just gorgeous!

This outfit makes me super happy. xD

I also want to mention that my 2365 post was put up today. You can read it here!

Also there are a few little errors in my pictures, I’m sooooo in a rush and sorry about that. *points out the weird pointless shadow below foot in second picture* Lol. It bugs me but I don’t have time to crack open pshop again, blah! I don’t even know why it’s there! (Русский)

Lastly I wanted to share this picture of my plot on Dork Street which I just redid over the course of yesterday evening. I am super pleased with how it came out. And hello to my neighbors! :D (Click to flickr to see whole pic!)

Let’s see how fast I can type the credeets and publish!!!

Hair – Truth: Orchid☆ | Skin – Mother Goose’s Jeanne | Eyes – Unique Megastore: Natural Eyes | Sweater – Pig: Ladies Love Flowers | Necklace – Altier M: Garlic Necklace (prev themeory item) | Shirt – Whippet & Buck: Flutter Tank | Skirt – Whippet & Buck: Drew Mini(flf) | Socks – Pig: Duotone Socks (color pack no longer avail) | Shoes – Swansong: Seher Wedge | Poses – LAP

One response to “super quickie!”

  1. you so prettiful bunny :D :D lovelove that skin on you!

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