three way

Not that kinda three way, you pervs. =P Derp!

So first thing I want to talk about is the super awesome prim bubble gum that Mochi Milena of my beloved Pink Fuel made! xD It’s super cute and fun – has a static version and an animated version, is color change, is size change, is made of pure win. I feel extra special because I made some small suggestion on plurk about it and so I think some of her awesome may have rubbed off on me, somehow! Maybe! I love Pink Fuel sooo much I think I always make Mochi a little uncomfortable with my gushing. Aaaawkwaaaard.

Anyhoodle this gum is just 50L so run and get yours today from Pink Fuel!!

One of my other very favorite stores (as is obvious on any visit to my blog) is Whippet & Buck. I am sort of on AUTO BUY with them, if I see it’s from there I am probably going to get it before it even rezzes. Their offering for Project Donate was no exception. I pounced on the Chapman dress without a second thought. And then I got home and found out it was a system skirt. And then I cried. I was disappointed because system skirts are annoying due to the way they never sit flat at the waist and I thought maybe I wouldn’t be able to wear it. But then dear fellow Dork Ashe Anthony said “how about wearing a belt?” and I was like, golly gee, what a thought! And that’s what I did and it fixed everything yay!

So here I have the fabulous and versatile Chapman dress worn three different ways. I am… Chic Business Bunny and Cheeky Schoolyard Bunny and Smoldering Mod Temptress Bunny! Whoooo are you!? Who Who, who who?! *hums a little*

OH also this is my showcase post for 3 of the 4 hairs I got at hair fair. We have Mon Cheri from Lamb, Harriet from Kin, and my personal favorite release of this fair, the Saddie from Dernier Cri. This Saddie hair is sex on a stick, mmhmmm!

That is all I have to say for now, today was exhausting IRL.

Chic Business Bunny is wearing: Skin – Dutch Touch: Yri | Hair – Lamb: Mon Cheri | Jacket – Touring Jacket | Belt – Phoenix Rising: Part of Intake Shirt | Shoes – Nardcotix: Kurvy Ruby (former giftie) | Pose – Glitterati

Cheeky Shoolyard Bunny is wearing: Skin – Tres Blah: Jejune | Hair – Kin: Harriet | Shirt – League: Part of Teacher’s Pet Outfit | Belt – Lucky Board place I cant remember the name of because I fail | Socks – Frop!: Knee Socks | Shoes – 2Real: Pure | Pose – Olive Juice

Smoldering Mod Bunny is wearing: Skin – Mother Goose’s: Jeanne | Hair – Dernier Cri: Saddie | Necklace – Phoenix Rising: Heart’s Content (modded) | Belt – Wide Waist Belt Free! | Bracelet – The Sea Hole (GSH item) | Shoes – Lelutka: Pow Pumps | Pose: Glitterati

All Three Bunnies are wearing the Chapman dress from Whippet & Buck @ Project Donate for Unicef

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  1. <3 it!

  2. […] of the proceeds go to the charity. =) [And as a note, 100% of the proceeds from purchases of the previously blogged Chapman dress from Whippet & Buck are donated, which I didn't mention before.] I will say that […]

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