new skin yay! + hair fair

Yesterday my wifey said the most awesome thing she could say to an ol skin whore like me “Here’s some money, go buy a new skin!” And I spent all day looking for one, and when I had finally given up and said, “wife, there is no skin to buy.” Anya Ohmai came to the rescue with an adorable skin in one of her ads! I asked her where it was from, and she told me, and now I am a happy Bunny! :D

This awesome skin is from Dr Life, a new to me store selling asian inspired skins. They are a little on the spendy side but both me and Meila were in love with the face on me so, oh well. =P I don’t typically do “reviews” per se but I will take some time to talk about this skin. It has such a sweet face and a pensive look around the brows. The bodies are a little too gray toned, but otherwise very well done. No glaring seams, or ugly bits. The nipples are a little more reddish than I’d like but I rarely have them on display anyway. The face is so sweet, and pensive looking. 100% love!

I am also wearing, through the magic of Linden Lab’s 2.x viewer, 2 tattoo layers! :D The new dimples from L Fauna and Eyeliner from Cheap Makeup!

Not too much other news to report right now, other than after giving the LL viewer a good solid try and some time, it really works well now. It’s smooth, things load crazy fast, and the multiple layers is godly. The new UI takes a lot of getting used to and some things just aren’t placed intuitively, but what can ya do. It’s more stable than any other viewer for me, and that’s what matters.

I was planning a separate hair fair post but I had some issues (like where I forget to save a picture I just edited!) due to real life being all AHHHHH today. lol. Anyway here are three hairs by 2 new to hair but not new to creating folks that I greatly admire in SL: Rezipsa Luckstone and Anya Ohmai. Anya is a fantastic IRL artist and I love what she does in SL, too! Rezzie is a fellow Dork Streeter who makes super cute clothing. =) Both have made fabulous new forrays into hair creating for Hair Fair this year. I am so proud!!

Outfit 1: Skin – Dr Life: Xian | Hair – Cassidy | Earrings: Whippet & Buck for DU4: Wet Pearl Chandelier | Lingerie – Cheeky Girl for Whippet & Buck | Dress – The Icing: Pink Lemonade | Shoes – GOS: Platform Pumps

Outfit 2: Hair – (left to right) Rezipsa Loc: Mary, Ohmai Salon: Narae, Rezipsa Loc: Harriet | Shirt – Pig for OMG Adorable sale: Olivia | Lingerie – Whippet & Buck: Frilly Lil Bra

Poses are Kyoot for FLF and Olive Juice

One response to “new skin yay! + hair fair”

  1. *hugs* Thank you for blogging mai haiirrr XD And so glad the skin fits you — it looks gooorrgeous! I do have to agree the body tone colors aren’t my fav in the world and terribly hard to match with other skins/clothing — but the faise! :O omgah the faise is just gorgeous!

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