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So I tried this new gradient fill layer thing that Meila told me about that makes pictures look all… cool. Something. All the cool kids are doing it on Flickr. I don’t think I’m doing it quite right but I’m keeping it anyway because it makes me look glowy. =P

Whippet & Buck released some gorgeous new shirts today (exclusive to their Le.Look location), a perfect blend of sheer and opaque, a nice transitional top for the most transitional of seasons: Fall. Fall is an amazing time, trees are changing, the weather is fickle and our instinct is to layer and bundle up even when it’s not quite cold enough to justify it. I love Fall. I love layering. I love transitions. =) has released some exclusive socks/tights for Stumblebum that are only 100L, I highly encourage you to pick them up as they are a perfect fall and winter staple. Keep in mind that in LL 2.x viewers you can use multiples of one layer type – something designers are keeping in mind these days when creating.

On this anniversary of 9.11, I don’t want to dwell on the past. I want to focus on the future, mine and yours and ours. Our country has made the emotional transition from ravaged victim to passionate survivor, and though the national tragedy is still strong in our memories 9 years later, we must look to the future. Although I know he will never read it, I want to thank the Florida pastor for revoking his decision to burn a Koran today. I don’t understand his reasons for wanting to do it, nor his true reason for deciding not to, but I am thankful. Hate begets hate, and there should be no room for that in our hearts or our future.  /end soapbox

And now on a personal note: My dad starts chemo this Monday, and my aunt (his twin) has her mastectomy on Wednesday. I’d like to ask that you take a moment to send some good thoughts their way. Every little bit counts right? =)

Outfit 1: Hair – Kate | Necklace1 – Deco: Cerebellum – Necklace2 – HoD: Spite | Bra – Phoenix Rising: Envy | Pants – Kyoot: Nonsensical Pants (past TDR) | Shoes – Surf Co: Moccasins | Bracelet1 – Miel: Ahi | Bracelet2 – Lostwood: Funky Pearly Bracelet

Outfit 2: Hair – Truth: Midori☆ | Scarf – Gritty Kitty: Mr Tummus | Bra – Blowpop: Joelene | Skirt – Zaara: Larin | Tights – Barb Stockings | Shoes – Dream Booties

Both: Skin – Dr Life: Xian | Hairbase – Exodi | Eyes – Negaposi: Fairy Eyes | Earrings – Caroline: Black Pearls | Poses – Glitterati☆

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  1. Keeping you and yours in my prayers Bunny. I know kind of what you’re going through–had three deaths this year, and my Grandma found out she has breast cancer. She just had her surgery on Tuesday and they found out it spread to her lymph nodes, too. She is undergoing 6 weeks of radiation and possibly chemo. {{{{hugs}}}}

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