wear gray 2 + olive juice!

I forgot I had one more thing I bought from Wear Gray! And I wanted to blog it and the super cute new Clem’s Heart on a String poses from Olive Juice.

I also like heart stickers. And animal stickers. I’m one of those kinda girls. Yup. I believe my lover for stickers has been covered at length in the past so let’s move on!

I’d forgotten how much I loved my &Bean skin, but I put it on today (it’s one of my go to for red lips) and fell in love all over again! Plus some hearts stickers. And isn’t my crown cute?! It’s part of the Knee Length Dress in silver from Kiwi, and it is at Wear Gray… 100% donated!

I super duper love Olive Juice. This set of hearts and poses was out for a sale event on Sunday and maaaay still be available. I’m unsure. Anyway, it rocks. So I hope for your sake it is! Here is a completely unedited because I suck at editing photo of me and Meila in one of the poses:


Ok I lied. I edited it enough to put a big fat heart sticker in it. YEEHAW.

And no credits tonight becauseeeee I don’t wanna and I’m a bad bad man. *slaps a heart sticker on your forehead*

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