shoe quickie

Um. I love shoes. And today, I specifically love THESE shoes. But in general, I really love shoes in SL, almost (but not quite) as much as I love skins.

Brand spankin new at Paper Couture, I predict these to be a fashion staple – not only on me, but on the feeds. =P They are divine! They also come in a spread of solid colors, sadly without the wrap and bow.

Can you believe, I didn’t even know PC had re-opened? I was in Tableau totally by accident, intending to try on something I don’t even remember now. There was like, a massive turnout. So I sez to Dork Street, I sez, “What’s with all the ppl at Tableau?!” and they gave me some smart ass answers as per usual. =P But yeah it turns out PC’s new collection was out and I was lucky to squeeze in without even knowing it.

Overall, it’s a little too high fashion for my tastes/needs right now in SL, but I saw these shoes and died died died. So perfect. These pictures are entirely unedited aside from squishing away my pointy SL ankle. What you see here is what you get from these shoes right out of the box. Fantastic.

In RL news, my dad’s first chemo was today and it went well. My aunt’s mastectomy was delayed till next Tuesday. Oh and I casually slipped into conversation to my father that I am in fact, bisexual. He did not crash the car into the freeway divider.

I consider today a success!

2 responses to “shoe quickie”

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  2. Congrats on him not crashing the car and on your coming out to him. Keeping you and yours in my thoughts and prayers!

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