neutral love

I really like neutrals. I don’t really wear them much irl, since I am the embodiment of all things clumsy and lacking in grace, hence food and god knows what else ends up all over me most of the time.

Neutral clothing is yet another of the many fantasies SL allows me to experience. =P This cardigan from Reek is exactly something I would love to wear irl, if I didn’t think I’d have ketchup on it within 20 minutes of putting it on.

And of course since I bought these pure sex shoesies from PC I’ve been scrambling for awesome neutral seperates to throw together. I have not been disappointed by the recent trend of neutrals and warm fall colors. =) Also, Uh, I bought those prim tongues! Yeah! I resisted before but this was like, a megapack of tongues, and who can resist that?!

And I don’t have anything else to say. Blindside Out!

Hair – Truth: Diana(new!)☆ | Skin – Pink Fuel: Ember☆ | Eyes – Unique Megastore: Natural Eyes | Necklace – Whippet & Buck: Memory Collector (past FLF) | Tank – Kyoot: Soft Brown Tank | Pants – Armidi(Elephant Outfitters): Journey Tweed | Shoes – Paper Couture: Suede Platforms | Tongue – RC Cluster: FLF item | Poses: Whole Lotta Rosie☆

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