it’s only 1 PM and i’m ready for bed

But since I have at least another 12 hours ahead of me I better buck up. =P

First I want to talk about RezIpsa Luckstone, affectionately known as Rezzie. She is so incredibly generous, and I’ve enjoyed watching her grow as a designer since I joined the Dork Street community. Today she shared with us her offerings for the FestiFall event, including hair adored with leaves, a cute leaf prop attachment, AND fall themed clothes.

Next I want to blab about the super adorable Mynerva skin I just bought. I have loved the Sophie face ever since receiving a group gift, and then a hunt item both featuring the sweet little nose and so on. It’s very similar to another Mynerva skin, but there are differences and those differences are what have me in love. Add to that: a fatpack costing only 2k that comes with 4 eyebrow colors and cleavagey options – I’m sold!

I was in need of some serious retail therapy and cheering up last night due to some certain people who decided to be unpleasant. As most who know me are aware, I choose not to partake of drama. I keep my slife pretty drama free because my irl is wacky enough for 6 lifetimes, let alone 1. Mynerva and my sl family made me feel better, so yay for it and them!

Ah Whippet & Buck. How I love thee.. =P This high waist skirt in black is W&B’s offering for Stumblebum this weekend, and can be had for a mere 100L at their main store. I admit to being a bit of a naughty blogger, in that I often feature things that are no longer available in world. I don’t do it to be mean, I do it because I love and cherish these items which are exclusive – not only because of their exclusivity, but partly for that. Many of my favorite finds come from themed events, or gifts, or sales. So, that is why I include these things. The end!

Aaaaand last but not least I got some badass new eyes from MaddDesigns last night. KMadd? MadDesigns? I never get the name right because I suck. One moment while I look it up. *muzak plays* MADesigns! There we go. Now I do have one complaint. There are 16 colors, and they are 120L each which is a little on the high side but not too unreasonable, despite only coming in one size with no prim option. Then I noticed there was a fatpack for 600L – I was like holy shit now THAT is a steal. So of course I fatpacked it, then lo and behold discovered that it came with only 8 pairs, not all 16. And it didn’t include the one I really wanted. So I bought that separately. >.> My complaint aside, the eyes are lovely and I have included a sampling below.  With a wrongly spelled store name.

Man, I’m awesome.


Pic 1: Skin – Mynerva: Sophie | Hair, Shirt, Leaves- RezIplsa Loc: FestiFall items

Pic 2 Left: Skin – Mynerva: Sophie | Hair – Truth: Gigi(new!)☆ | Shirt – PINK Outfitters: Sheer Chiffon Blouse | Belt – LeLutka: former group gift | Skirt – Whippet & Buck: High Waisted Skirt(stumblebum LE)☆ | Shoes – Maitreya: Slinky Stilettos

Pic 2 Right: Skin – Mynerva: Sophie | Hair – Truth: Seraphina☆ | Jacket – Luck Inc: Cashmere Sweater | Shirt – KHUSH: NicoleV2 | Skirt – Whippet & Buck: High Waisted Skirt(stumblebum LE)☆ | Belt – Luck Inc: Leopard | Shoes – Maitreya Gold: Shanti Snow Leopard (no longer available)

Poses are DFO and Glitterati☆

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  2. lolol bunny funniest post ever xD

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