everyone’s talking about…

…The new Elikatira hair. And I am no exception. Like many other SL residents who have been playing for 2+ years, I have many fond memories of ETD hair and clothing. I had a thought that maybe I shouldn’t blog this, because EVERYONE is. And then I thought, you know what? Great. All the better to show the creator how much we loved her hair, then and now. The SL consumer’s world has been waiting with bated breath for this day, and we are NOT disappointed!

The major hair sale at ETD in oh, I want to say, late 2008 – that was my first mass buying experience in SL. Prior to that I was content to buy only a few things and had an inventory hovering below the 5k mark. I like to think that ETD was a large part of the process that culminated in the happy little shopaholic typing this blog today (with a combined inventory on four ((yup)) avs now extending past the 100K mark). =P

I want to touch on something that ETD did and Elika is now doing again – currently called the Essentials Pack. Every hair color seen in this post (plus a few more) comes in this pack for a mere 250L. Now, for someone who changes their skin as often as I do (on a daily or blog-postly basis) this is a true god send. =P I shudder to contemplate how many of these “Elika’s Favorites” folders (or whatever they were called back then) reside in my older av’s inventory. It was my favorite package to purchase then, and will remain so now.

There is no in world Elikatira store yet, but you can find these new hairs on the Marketplace. Demos of the styles + color demos are available for 0L. Don’t fret if the delivery is a little slow, we are no doubt stampeding the poor new Marketplace like crazy.

Skin – Mynera: Sophie | Sweater – So Many Styles: Open Cardigan @ TDR (only a few hours left!) | Bustier – Whippet & Buck: Rachelle | Poses – Glitterati

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