i still love color, too!

Don’t worry. It’s not gonna be all neutrals and browns and blahs around here just because it’s fall! I guarantee my love of bold colors has not waned. =P

Lately I haven’t felt too inspired to talk a lot. Everyone around me seems kind of down, sad, stressed out. I am always very sensitive to other’s emotions, and I don’t mean that in a “ooo look at me I am so awesome and sensitive” I mean it in the “fuck my life, I’m an emo sponge and when my friends and family and lovers are unhappy, so am I and I can’t help it” kinda way. It’s bad, and I wish I could break free of it. :(

I saw these shoes this morning over on Juicybomb and had to have some for myself. I was pleased they came in this bright IN YO FACE red and the outfit came into being in my brain effortlessly as soon as I put them on. It’s nice when that happens! And also on my head is this cute new updo from Exile – they are having a 50% off sale currently, so the color packs are only 150L! I think. Or 125. 1 something, anyway. =P

I am wearing a few of my wardrobe staples, things I wear all the time from Whippet & Buck and Phoenix Rising and my favorite skirt ever from Artilleri. <3

In other exciting news, who is peeing themselves over the new ETD Elikatira [e] hair that has (will soon?) debuted on the Marketplace?! It looks lovely and the textures look soooo soft and I am very excited! Woo! I am going to try to get my grubby little mits on one of those hairs myself and will post it if I do.

Credeets: Hair – Exile: Esti | Skin – Mynerva: Sophie | Shirt – Whippet & Buck: Claven | Undershirt – Whippet & Buck: Rachelle Bustier | Skirt – Artilleri: Circle Skirt | Shoes – Kookie: Vo Pumps | Necklace/Earrings/Bracelet – Ticky Tacky: Salacia☆ | Necklace – Phoenix Rising: Heart’s Content | Ring – RIPE: GSH item | Poses – Glitterati☆

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