have shadows, will travel

Heh. I wish I could travel with shadows on. Sadly I must conclude that the system remains buggy and unplayable outside the most ideal of circumstances: In the air, in an abandoned sim, when the stars are aligned and DON’t SNEEZE or else!!!!!

Both pictures were taken using the latest version of Kiersten’s Viewer. Graphics on ultra with shadows enabled per Strawberry Singh’s tutorial. 5000x resolution, shrunk and cropped in photoshop so as not to crash the Flickr uploader. =P Strawberry’s windlight setting with a bunch of changes. Each picture is using a different east angle and time of day.

I don’t really find the viewer to be enjoyable to use, it seems really buggy to me. Especially because my avatar is stuck wearing a black hairbase I haven’t actually worn in over a week (which can’t be removed despite it not being worn) and the clothes I have on won’t come off nor will my skin update sooo… that put an end to the idea of blogging with shadows. I mean, I can get shadows to work in other viewers like Ascent and Phoenix, however, anti aliasing with shadows on creates glaring white lines where alpha layers touch prims. On the LL viewer pictures come out with weird cubic patterns in them. I honestly don’t know how other people are doing it because it’s sooo frustrating to me.

The pictures come out gorgeous, and I am envious of people who are able to get shadows to cooperate. =[

Hair – NEW this week from Truth!☆ | Skin – Mynerva: Sophie | Shirt – Whippet & Buck: Liliana (flf item)☆ | Pants – Decoy: Dana 76 jeans | Pose – Glitterati☆

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  1. love the shadows, great post!

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