coming soon from W&B!

YAY! Jewelry fair is pretty exciting to me. I love, love, love jewelry in SL, way more than in IRL. I lose bracelets, rings, earrings necklaces… if there is a way to break it, drop it, get stuck somewhere embarrassing or cut someone with it, I will manage it. So it’s rare for me to wear my jewelry IRL.. it tends to stay tucked in boxes and drawers and probably lost.

But like so many things, SL makes wearing jewelry a pleasure and much less of a chore (imo!) Whippet & Buck sells some of my favorite pieces and their releases for this year’s jewelry fair are no exception. =)

As always the pieces come in a variety of colors and are very fairly priced at 150L for the all color packs. I hope I didn’t make the picture above too blurry to see the bracelets!!! *worry*

I dragged out an old favorite skin, the Hounds of Love by &Bean. I’ve been reminded of this skin a lot lately, and told by a few people that it was one of their favorites on me. I’ve been into making shapes again lately, so I decided to tweak my own a bit to really make the most of this face. So much fun! :D

I also love all the hair Maitreya is coming out with – their textures have always been amazing and I love the messy natural feeling of the styles. So pleasing. :D

Luckily for you all I have no in depth soul searching emo rambles to post today. =P

Skin – &Bean: Hounds of Love | Dimples & Freckles – L.Fauna| Hairs – Maitreya: Taryn2 & Truth: Kami | Eyes – Negaposi: Silent | Piercing – Skream: Sweetly Pained | Top – Whippet & Buck: Chapman Dress | Skirt – Whippet & Buck: Drew Mini | All Jewelry – Whippet & Buck for Jewelry Fair | Poses – Glitterati

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  1. Yeah these textures are definuitely amazing

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