jainy days

This is a PUN. Hah. Hah. Jainy days, like rainy days. Except spelled Jainie, ok?! Jainie Marlowe is the former creator and owner of the store called Mischief, which I admit, was never on my list of favorites. Many of her things were well made, but some of it was just a little too old school SL for me. I’m a modern girl, yo. =P

Mischief closed down recently, or changed hands, or god knows what. Jainie Marlowe is back with a small new collection at a brand new store called JANE! The new pieces are perfect for fall and it is very obvious to me that Jainie has worked hard to improve her craft and update her style.

The items are modestly priced at around 100L each. There is also a collection of tank tops in a rainbow of colors available for ZEROL! Yay free! They are perfect for layering and really come in a great shade variety.

I love sculpted jackets, and these are super cute. There are are a few other styles I didn’t pick up that I may go back for. One thing I will say that I love is that the body prim is attached to the pectoral, not the spine or chest, thus leaving one of the popular attachment points for necklaces open. =)

There are pants, of which I am wearing two pairs above. They are thankfully mod, because I had to shorten them a bit to stop that “wavery pant leg” affect that was peeking through the prims at the bottom. (HATE THAT!!!!) I think there may be a few issues with seams not quite meeting, but they are minimal and to me, not deal breakers.

My new blog layout is giving me alternating bouts of love and hate. I love everything about it except the one thing I hate, the unremovable  section on the bottom.

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