Random word title of the day is FEFFERS! What a fantastic sound that makes when you say it. When I was younger… pre-teens and early teenage years, my mom used to make these fantastic cookie things around Christmas called Pfeffernüsse which in my head became “feffernoosens” and then just “feffers.” As in, OMFG MOMMY why aren’t the feffers ready yet?! (my sister and I both have mastered this way of shrieking MOMMY in the most scandalized, offended, demanding way, it cracks me up still to think of it, though I haven’t utilized it myself in years)

Anyway I couldn’t think of a title. So feffers it is!

I went to a wedding in SL yesterday that was really nice and romantic despite being plagued with the usual SL event difficulties. Congratulations to the happy couple! I took a bunch of pictures which you can find on my flickr stream. This is the outfit I wore, which I love quite a bit though I got some mixed reviews, lol. The dress is from one of my long time favorite stores, Icing. =) Definitely a go-to store for my formal event needs.

I am also wearing some stuff from my friend Veronica‘s store, TASTY! She came out with these little sweaters recently and they remind me of this jacket-robe thing my dad had when I was teeny tiny. It was soft and like, velour or something. And also it was burnt orange. I am fairly certain it was a relic of the 70’s. =P He loved that thing though and I have fond memories, so was pleased to find these sweaters from her in my inventory, hehe.

Oh hey. These freaky ass glasses are from TASTY, too! AND OH MY STARS my slurl page has updated… SLURLS on it! Whoda thunk it. >.> It only took like a year, lol. And it doesn’t have nearly everyone yet, but every location on there IS current as of today. =)

Please take special note of the hair I am wearing in this last picture – it is the perfect Padma style from truth available in the fatpack of all colors for only 110L as part of the 10.10.10 event going on for the next (you guessed it) 10 days. It looks so much like my hair looks most of the time in IRL (messy and smooshed into a knot-bun on the back of my head) that there is no way I could resist it.

Anyhoodles, that is all for now! =)

Hair – Truth: Orchid & Padma | Skin – League: Taylor | Blush – L.Fauna | Dress – Icing: Mulberry Cordial | Necklace – Whippet & Buck: Gilded Virgin | Shoes – YS&YS: Cala Saona for TDR | Sweater – TASTY: Karma Sweater | Tank Top – TASTY: Workout Cami | Jeans – JANE: 52 Jeans | Shoes – Buttons: Custom moddable flats cause I’m spoiled!! <3 | Poses – Olive Juice

Locations for all stores featured in this entry can be found here: SLURLS!


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