A Plastik Halloween


First I want to thank all the kind viewers and commenters both here and on Flickr for their response to my blogger challenge! :D So nice to see other skin whores step up to the plate hehe.

I am sure you will all be relieved to hear that I did NOT buy a new skin today. Woo! But.. well… a I did GET a new skin today, so… yeah. I’m a skin magnet what can I say? xD I’m really not much of a halloween person, it is far from my favorite of holidays.

But even I could not resist the lure of new Halloween goodies arriving today from The Plastik. The Lionheart skinline I have adored for months is constantly being reinvented, and now for Halloween come the skins in “muscle” and “bone” variations. The faint tracing of bones and muscles overlaying the skin is gorgeous and creepy, and very subtle. The skins are both eerie and sexy, I highly recommend them!

She has also released many articles of clothing in holiday appropriate patterns. My shirt in the first picture has dancing skeletons, and my dress in the second is made of delicious, delicious Candy Corn. I am highly addicted to candies that only come out on holidays, specifically Candy Corn and Cadbury Eggs. NOM NOM NOM.

Today I went to the park and saw a pony. I took a picture but for some reason it didn’t come out, and that made me sad face. The end!

Creds: Hair – Truth: Miranda | Horns – Illusions: Cerawyn | Shoes – Juicy: Pumps | GOS: Platform Pumps Necklace – Lolapop: Current Subscribo Giftie – Please view the SLURLS Page for direct teleports!

Clothing, skin, eyes – The Plastik!

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