let me tell you why i love him

Cause he is the Truth! I love this song by India Arie, great video too, check it out. =)

No big words from me today, I just want to show you the awesome new Truth hair. He continues to amaze me!

This super cute tank is just 10L right now from Truth, you can get it from the 10.10.10 event which is running *checks date* for 6 more days! And not just this color mind you, there are 3 other colors in the pack as well. It’s a pretty sweet deal! I like several of the other cheapie prizes from that event, it’s definitely something I recommend checking out. =)

I really love these boots from Aoharu, but I always hated how the shoe was attached to the leg and a separate invisprim was attached to the foot. (ugh!) Today I am grateful for the invisiprim being separate, I was able to do away with it entirely, and I am wearing a foot layer from some other pair of shoes. =P

I have much to think about so I am off to do that thinking thing! Ta for now. =P

Creds: Hair – Truth <3 | Skin – &Bean: Hounds of Love | Shirt – Indi Designs: Part of Hooded Cardigan Set | Belt – Surf Co: Past group gift | Pants – The Plastik: Halluwin’ Leggings | Shoes – Annexx: Belted LaceUp Boots | Bracelet – Ticky Tacky | Glasses – Fishy Strawberry: past FLF item | Poses – Glitterati + DFO


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