Berry’s Blogger Challenge: Favorite Designer

I love love looove blogger challenges! xD I took some time to consider this one, because there are so many designers I love and frequent in SL, there is really no way for me to pick just one. Check out Berry’s entry and the participants in her comments!

I decided that this time, I would break the challenge into two little sections: hair and clothing. If you have read my blog more than once or twice, it will be no surprise to you who I have chosen.

Favorite Hair Designer: Truth Hawks
Favorite Clothing Designers: Dakota Buck & Twiggy Whippet of Whippet & Buck

There are a lot of close runner ups…, Surf Co, Maitreya, Elikapeka, Decoy just to name a few. But these two stores stick out the most, in my inventory, my day to day wardrobe, and in my fluttery SL Heart. =P

Truth has been a constant in my little slice of grid living since 2008, and I have loved every minute of it. (This is not the first or last time I will gush over it =P) I remember the first time I went to his shop, which was at that point a much smaller building, built and decorated in an Asian style. The very first hair I bought at his store was Naiomi (I think I spelled that right!) pictured below on my first avatar, Hannelore. =) In the picture above I am wearing the first hair I bought on my current “main” avatar – the Wendy. Also in the picture below see one of my recent favorites, the wacky Raquel. It’s been amazing to see Truth improve, his styles become more daring or sometimes so comfortable it’s like looking at your IRL hair in the mirror. I stand by my continued claim: Best Hair in SL. Hands down.

Also pictured are some of my favorite items from Whippet & Buck. Everything about their store.. man I don’t know. I had to run over there this morning and scoop up a cute dress for Hannelore, as I didn’t know about W&B when I played her. Everything is well made, the attention to detail is phenomenal, and I just love it. I wear a piece of their jewelry almost every day. The only thing I could wish for is that they made more pants and possibly also shoes. xD I just really enjoy their store, the ambiance, the excellent service, the kindness of ‘Kota Buck on my timeline. Fantastical.

Thank you Truth Hawks, Dakota Buck, and Twiggy Whippet for being amazing!

Deets: Hair – Truth | Skin – Tres Blah: Jejune | Clothing – Whippet & Buck | Socks – Frop | Shoes – Buttons & Maitreya | Poses – Hopscotch

4 responses to “Berry’s Blogger Challenge: Favorite Designer”

  1. What a well written post! Thank you so much for participating in the challenge. <3

  2. OMG you just made my day. I want to cry I’m so happy and flattered. <3

  3. Aww =) It’s my pleasure Kota! You are awesome. <3

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