the Halloween Hunt 4 Austism


I have 2 exciting things to share, prizes from the very soon beginning Halloween Hunt for Autism co-run by none other than my delightful muffin Meila Solo. There are 47 store participating in this short notice hunt for a great cause, and I know everyone has been hard at work! Some of the stores are new, some are old hands at hunt occasions.

One of the new stores participating is Inustu, a modern sculpted furniture store by my friend Danial Guisse, formerly one of the great minds behind Phoenix Rising. His offering is this super sleek sculpted couch upon which some poor unfortunate soul was murdered. Not by me though, I swearz! *wipes blood from chin discreetly* This couch/lounge/sofa comes with 11 poses and is quite awesome. (Perhaps a portent of an upcoming release?!)

Another piece of furniture in a decidedly different theme is this super cute desk bed combo from Meila’s Buttons. Everything she makes is so cute, perfect for family homes especially. I actually had a bed quite like this when I was young and going through my “Little Mermaid” period, Ariel sheets and everything blue and green etc. This is much cuter than that, since it is not in clashing Disney mermaid splendor! =P The bed comes with singles and couples poses.

I hope you all can take a some time to participate in this hunt. It really is for a great cause, and every little bit counts. I love being able to contribute to so many charities through what is largely “just entertainment” for me – and any time I question what little my pennies can do, I think back to the triumphant record breaking totals of recent events like Operation Squeegee, Wear Gray,  and Project Donate and feel really pleased to be part of such a giving community. =)

Creditos: Hair – Truth | Skin – Pink Fuel (FTLOHalloween) & Tuli (50% off sale now!!) | Outfit 1 – Elymode: Celestial (on sale for just 175L at the ICON location) | Outfit 2 – Whippet & Buck: stumblebum set | Shoes – Kookie: Miss Vo & +mocha+: bunny slippers (possibly unavailable)


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