Funky Junk is Funky Fresh!

Yeah, I went there. =P

I’m really excited to talk a new store selling adorable furniture and homes. The store is Funky Junk… the name is cute but perhaps a misnomer, because this junk is definitely not junky! Or… something. Well, it’s good shit okay, that’s that!!

There’s all sorts of things so far centering on a pretty shabby chic style. And I have to mention the house rezzers. The house rezzer is itself a tiny house with a little smoking chimney, I wanted to scoop it up and hug it to bits.

Aside from homes there is furniture a la carte, and all is pleasantly low prim and matching. I am someone who actually likes furniture but buys it rarely, this is a store I could see myself blowing many L’s on in the near future since a massive decorating bug has bit my butt. :x Which is good news for creator Ulaa Coronet! I think that fall/winter brings out strong nesting instincts in me, leading to activities I don’t normally do – extreme decorating and re-decorating, excessive obsession over house layouts and massive holiday theme purchases. lol.

I’m pretty picky about houses and furniture, I can’t stand exposed untextured bits or glitchy seam thingers and I know, I KNOW it’s hard for builders to breed that glitchy seam shit out of their builds. But omg. If it’s really bad, I won’t buy because I will eventually stab the monitor or my eyeball with a pen due to the flickering. I went over the Starlight house (first picture) with my picky OCD manner and found nary a single glitch, gaping seam exposed chunk or otherwise offending tidbit of building kerfluckery. It’s well built, well textured and overall, very well done. My favorite detail in the interior is the cute built in book case… I’ve always wanted similar IRL.

AND OH by the way! Funky Junk is participating in the Halloween Hunt 4 Autism, yay!!! This creepy fireplace facade is totally cute. I mean it’s creepy, but cutely creepy! The details are impressive, I particularly love the little skelly hand clutching the candle on the mantle. :D The hunt started TODAY so head on down to the starting location, Buttons.

Last but not least give me a moment to gush about the fantastic new hair from 69. GUSH GUSH GUSH. Ok now let me bitch a little. This store has a pay group. I was in it. I was in the pay group FOR 6 MONTHS. And nothing happened. Not a single release, gift, nary a peep. So I left it. And the week after I left it, I kid you not, the very week after!!! They released new hair, and you had to be in the group to buy it at release. I was mad and I refused to join the group and waited and waited to buy the hair. Now like 3 weeks ago, I decided I wanted a new release from there way tooooo much to wait, so I gave in, paid the 300L fee and bought the 300L hair.

Today they had a new release and did not require you to be in the group to buy it. This. is. crap. Stop messing with my HEEEAAADDDD. Yeah I’m pretty annoyed over it, I get it’s their store and they can do what they want to, but seriously. ugh.

Metric buttfuck ton of credits to follow!!!!!

Funiture & home new from Funky Junk by Ulaa Coronet. =)

Hair – Truth: Nadine2 & ::69:: Jessica2 (new!) | Skin – Tuli: Sayuri (50% off!) & Pink Fuel: FTLOHalloween Hunt (Free!) | Outfit 1: Sweater & Jeans – Fishy Strawberry (new!) | Bunny Slippers – +mocha+ (unavail.)| Outfit 2: Cardigan – Hoot (unavail.)| Cardigan2 – SMS (unavail.)| Tank top – JANE (free!) |  Skirt – Artilleri: Zara (new!) | Socks – League: Ella | Boots – J’s Western Boots | Poses – Glitterati, Olive Juice, Whork

SLURLS page here. Updating soon!

One response to “Funky Junk is Funky Fresh!”

  1. I totally agree with you. I hate this shit. :|

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