random elfy edits

Lately I think my problem with blogging, particularly fashion blogging, is two-fold.

1. Nothing new is really coming out, that I am in to! It feels like a lull in the fashion world, and it’s translating directly to a lull in my blogging. =P

2. I have been more into trying to learn photoshop and editing (butchering) pictures lately. I don’t like to edit fashion blog posts too much because I feel like it takes away from the designs that are already art in themselves, and I don’t believing in obscuring flaws from potential buyers.

I decided today to turn my skills (hackeries) towards in world shots, with in world backgrounds – something I find terribly difficult. =[ Recently I have felt the need to do something different with my avatar, but I am really happy with my shape and don’t want to change it. There are no new skins to buy (sad face) and things are just kinda… blah. I’m not interested in starting a new av or anything like that. I need a gimmick, a new… something.

Well, Truth delivered. He is so awesome. He has added a few “unnatural” shades to his collection, a super cute coolmint, fairyfloss, grandma, fire… and a few more. My personal favorite? Babyblue. It’s one of my favorite colors in both worlds, and it’s really fun to work with.

I thought, what goes best with otherworldly hair colors? Elf ears, of course! And the natural conclusion to this outfit was a southern belle/victorian mama’s nightmare ballgown. >.> This delightful creation is from Steambound. I picked it up on my “victorian roleplay” kick that never really got into gear. =[

Anyway, there you have it. Some of the scraps of my many plans and false starts and projects mooshed into a couple pictures. Maybe someday I will have skills… know my place in SL. Who knows.

LET’S TALK EXCITEMENT! My WoW guild, Vox Immortalis, finally downed The Lich King in 10 man heroic mode last night. CONGRATS to me! Bunny, Bane of the Fallen King (best title, evar).

We are, unfortunately, no longer first in progression world wide for the 10 man strict bracket. We are the.. 8th? I want to say 8th 10Strict guild to down the 14 minutes and change fight that caps the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. We wanted to be first… oh how badly we wanted it. Unfortunately many things conspired against us, mainly roster issues, as a core of 5-6 stood strong and the other 4-5 slots went through a rotating door of badness and goodness. We’ve replaced healers, dps, even a tank! Which is no joke at this stage of the game. We remain #1 in the world based on achievements, which is certainly something to be proud of – but I can’t help shedding a tear over what we COULD have been, had the roster issues not been so devastating.


Hair: new from Truth – Skin: Curio June – Dress: Steambound – Pose: Glitterati

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