one less bell to answer…

I love other renditions of One Less Bell to Answer and a House is Not a Home… but oh man do I have a soft spot for Glee. Especially for silly misguided Mr. Shue and the adorable Kristin Chenowith. So have a listen on this while reading, why doncha!

Matthew Morrison / Kristin Chenowith – One Less Bell to Answer / A House is Not a Home

I’m not typically a “look of the day” type blogger. I often blog outfits that I have never worn in world – not to say I don’t wear what I blog ever. I just don’t typically wear it as elaborately or in the same way I blog it. Occasionally though, I have outfits in SL that I adore and love tweaking and coming back to time and again. Usually they will revolve around one central piece that is stunning on it’s own yet is perfect for accessorizing too. I don’t think accessorizing is a word. Oh well!

The Wilma Dress from Artilleri is one such perfect item. I have long loved skirts and dresses from Artilleri… the fullness and perfect shape she creates is just to die for. When I first started SL back in 2008, I was really into being rockabilly and swing dancing every night – Artilleri was one of the first really big stores I discovered and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve always been attracted to retro things… classic rock, swing, Oklahoma and South Pacific, 50’s wives, Ella Fitzgerald and Grace Kelly, circle skirts and kitten heels, Marlene Dietrich and Frank Sinatra. I’m an old timey kinda girl inside my head, and it’s not something I really get to express irl. Reason # 1987238 why SL is awesome. =)

(I won’t lie – a lot of modding went into this outfit to make it wearable while moving around and not just on a pose stand. Aside from tons of little adjustments… I am not wearing the dress collar. I recolored the belt buckle. I had to create new attachment points for the necklace and the brooch. It’s not easy being this well put together! xD)

Okay I am done blithering on about my awesome attachment point skillz and long lost retro dreams. =P I want to share a picture of my gorgeous home on the new, delightful and wholly our own Dork Street sim – The Highlands! Ohhhh I love it so. A huge thank you to Phoenix Chapman for breathing life into a dream the rest of us could never quite get the gumption to make happen. =P And well, we aren’t really Dork Steet anymore – that era has ended and we are stepping into a brave new world. A new location, a new group, new members added and inactive ones waved into the past. It’s quite magical and inspiring.

Here’s to a new home and a fresh start!

Hair – Truth: Nadine | Skin – LAQ: Mima Pale | Ears – Visavi: Epigon Ears | Blush – L.Fauna | Necklace – Whippet & Buck: Virgin Necklace | Brooch – Surf Co: Artist Brooch | Jacket – Izzi’s: Part of Wear Gray donation outfit | Dress – Artilleri: Wilma | Socks – Frop!: Kneesocks | Shoes – Tesla: High Oxfords | Poses – LAP

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  1. i had no idea u loved this type of music. these r 2 of my fav songs ever.. i love glee 2

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