naughty slacker!

Is me. Feast your ears on Xtina being extra naughty while you peruse this!

Did you guys hear that Christina Aguilera is starring in a MOVIE with CHER!!! Yes!! It’s called burlesque, and since I adore burlesque, Xtina, musicals, and movies about dancing – well you can bet your sweet bippy I will be there with bells on!

AND OMG! Can you believe it’s almost time for Skin and Shape Expo already?! Designers, Bloggers, Skin Whores and their friends. Start anticipating my personal favorite fair. =)

I says better late than never on me blogging these new releases from Truth. =P My favorite is Nina! (that’s the one on your left). Chantelle (on the right) looks awful on me but I show you anyway, because thats JOURNALISM, darlings! (lawl.)

I really like the new patterned release of the Rachelle Bustier from Whippet & Buck, but I find it a little too midriff baring for fall. Likewise the brand spankin new Talya top from The Plastik. I found layering them together kinda worked, and was a little less chilly. =P

I have been SOOPER busy and swamped by my new IRL business including expanding social life and OMG OMGOMOMGOMGOMGOMGG job of my dreams! xD So please pardon my brevity, slackeryness and general non presence in SL of late. I promise my interest is not waning, and once I get settled I will be back and ready for regular action!

Hair – Truth | Skin – Tuli | Jacket – Jane | Shirts – Whippet & Buck and The Plastik | Pose – Estetica

Here is the trailer for BURLESQUE btw. <3

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