a skin whore’s work is never done

I had a huuuuuge post planned for this. But then horrible stuff happened irl. So now you get the much abbreviated version.

I bought FOUR skins in the past week. FOUR!!! Terrible I know, but I just couldn’t resist. I love how I can go from sultry angry vixen to aloof orange county house wife to sad orphan waif to ethereal cheerful wood nymph with just the click of a skin! Nothing has changed aside from the skin in these four photos. Same brow shape, same shape, no tattoo layers or photoshopping. Just pure, delicious skintastical awesomeness.

And tragically un-noticed till now unrezzed eyelashes. -_-

If you click through to flickr you can look at each stunning and unique face right up close and personal. =) I want to pay special attention to the new Curio skin. It is SO different than all her skins of past days, and very different as well from her other new skin, Autumn. I think it is gorgeous, and though I have always been a massive Curio fan and own almost every line she’s released, I think this new direction is incredible and I hope she pursues it!

I also want to give a shout out to Glitterati, Katey just released an awesome new set of poses with minimal breakage and weirdness for vendor ads showcasing clothes and skins and such. I had planned to feature all the poses in this post but, that will have to come another day. Thanks for your patience all!

Edit: I decided to be less lazy and toss up the body shots I took with the new poses. Enjoy!

Glam Affair – Eva
LeLutka – Natasha
Curio – Yum
&Bean – Old Bones

Hair – Elikatira & Truth | Bra – Luck Inc | Shoes – LeLutka | Poses – Glitterati

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