it’s snowing…

Gwen Stefani – Early Winter

Somewhere. I’m sure of it! But snow is something I know little to nothing about! Unlike SKINS about which I know a lot!

SEGUE!!! AMAZING!!!!! +200 Points!!! Proceed to next level, warrior!!!!!

Hah. Anyway, this new skin from Illusory (the new brand from the creator of much loved Atomic) is simply wonderful. The reddened winter nose, the soft kissable lips. It’s to die for. The Atomic trademarks are still there, but it’s softer, gentler, and imo, more every day wearable. This skin is just a preview of wonderful things to come from Illusory in the near future, and can be had in quite a few tones by visiting the Atomic main store.

Whippet & Buck, store of my heart, has just released the super layerable and cute on it’s own Liliana Cap Sleeve Blouse in a bunch of season appropriate colors. This one I’m wearing is named sepia but it reminds me of melted Hershey chocolate on the fingers of little kids. =)

I would say I miss the time I used to spend on SL, blogging (or trying to find something to blog) every day… but that would be a lie. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how busy I am IRL. How full of promise things seem right now. I’m crazy busy this weekend and WoW Cataclysm drops on Tuesday so this is likely the last you’ll see of me until next weekend at the earliest. And while I don’t miss spending every day on SL, I DO miss my friends, and luxury shopping time, and time to play with Photoshop. WTB more hours in the day! xD


Skin – Illusory | Hair – Truth | Shirt – Whippet & Buck | Pose – LAP

One response to “it’s snowing…”

  1. You look so stunning in this skin! <3 (cozy)

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