Back to Basics, v2.0

One of my last blog posts was titled ‘Back to Basics’ a la Xtina, and basically it was me babbling an apology after being a heinous bitch in public (which I really never do, it was an aberration, I swear) and showing off a much beloved basic outfit that I might wear when just hanging out. I picked up some really fun basics from a new-to-me store today so I thought that would be a nice memory lane tie-in.


I had a blast playing the Arcade this morning and trading some cool stuff back and forth. I love the Lulu skin from Glam Affair, it gives me such incredible bitchface that I feel like I could kick some ass without breaking a sweat. Ditto on the outfit! I found this shirt via this blog [Jill Narstrom] and it looked like a perfect casual t-shirt for every day. I ended up getting my pants at the same store, and I love this outfit overall. So simple yet so ass-kickery! I look like a cool video game character, or as my partner pointed out, Faith the Vampire Slayer. And that’s totally five-by-five!

Hair: Truth – Candy (New!)
Skin: Glam Affair  – Lulu (The Arcade)
Eyes: Ikon – Lucid
Shirt: Ronsem
Pants: Ronsem
Bracelets: BOOM – Friendship Bracelets (The Arcade)
Shoes: 2REAL – Pure (same shoes worn in my first back to basics post!)
Poses: Glitterati

One response to “Back to Basics, v2.0”

  1. Ty, your so sweet…<333

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