Dusting off the ol’ blog

BDV Experiments

I’ve wanted my Second Life photography to be so much better for so long, but I never really figured it out. Luckily Black Dragon Viewer kinda does the hard stuff for me, so I can focus more on my favorite thing: Avatar Cuteness Level Maximization. xD

The full body photo on the left and the headshot on the right were both taken with BDV, with the same settings. The only difference was the windlight setting, and as we all know, that changes everything. I like both! My avatar photos can finally achieve the clarity and soft realness that I know Second Life, and all my lovely purchases, are capable of.

I need to work out the kinks on the shadows with hair, seems hair alphas are still not playing well with shadows after all these years. I hope to grow and learn and get better and maybe figure out how to solve that problem for myself as time goes by. ^^

Hair & Headband: Magika
Skin: PUMEC (recent group gift!)
Choker: Mossu @ C88
Sweater: Katat0nik @ C88
Phone: Kiwi
Nails: Toksik
Rings: Yummy
Garter: AMD, old gacha item
Boots: Zenith, old rare gacha item
Pose: DePerla
Photocube: FOXCITY

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  1. Appreciatte you blogging this

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