Snow Day

I love seeing snow, reading about it, thinking about the soft womp of a clump falling off a roof and landing on the snow below. It features largely in every dream I have about what life might be, or might have been. Of course that makes it perfect fodder for my fantasy Second Life!

4 Snow Day

Living in Southern California as I do, snow is not something I have a lot of familiarity with. I have only seen snow falling like, twice ever. Once when living in Texas and once during a retreat in Arizona of all places. Most folks don’t think about snow in Arizona, but apparently the northern portion of the state is quite weathery!

So my land currently is just a winter wonderland. No house, not much decor. Just snow, and trees, and more snow. Some choice items I picked up at recent Christmas events to bring life to my dreams of “White Christmas” that I may never be able to realize in my first life.

Chair & Pose: Moss & Mink, Igca love Chair
Trees: Hayabusa, various
Reindeer Inflatable: Dust Bunny

Skin: [the Skinnery] Macie
Hair: Foxy – Dream. (S/Genus)
Head: GENUS – Strong Face
Top: ISON – aline off shoulder cardigan
Nails: toksik – Lux Nails
Bottom:  Tres Blah – Paige Jeans – Bleached
Body: Legacy

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