Mmmm… Just the tip. ;)

Fuckin’ A girl power. You gotta watch this video and see her smirk when she says just the tip, it’s great. I imagine my Second Life avatar to be just like this, powerful and sassy and ready to burn it all down while looking like a goddess.

Secret Cupcakes2

For me Kehlani is clearly the STAR of this track and this video. Yet for some reason, Zedd (cute as he may be) is credited first… why? Because he’s more famous, more powerful, the white dude with the cachet to make this top the charts? I dunno I am just a weirdo playing video games. :P Despite all that, this song makes me feel good things and is easy to relate to.

I’m not always cold
I’m just good on my own, so good on my own

Secret Cupcakes3

I make myself up
Just to dance in the mirror when I’m at home
I pose and take pictures
Then send them to people that I don’t know
I like getting compliments
Complements how I’m feeling, oh
I’m not always selfish
Just bad at romance, it’s not in my bones

Yas. Anyway let me talk about my look a bit. I have been having a lack of inspiration for taking photos in SL lately. Some of it is impostor syndrome. I am pretty convinced that everything I do is shite. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, but I believe that objective thoughts on “quality” shouldn’t stop anyone else from letting their creative juices flow so why should I let it stop me?


Izzie’s – Body Veins & Cellulite 03
WarPaint* IWokeUpLikeThis3 – blusher + eyeliner
[SB] *Lelutka* [Simple Bloom brows]
[Glam Affair] Thora
*Bolson / Tattoo – Birdden (No Face)
* SORGO – RIOD Shades / CARBON (G)
– TRIGGERED – Bunny-girl gacha (Nose piercing – Gold) #8
– TRIGGERED – I can see your halo
.TeaBunny. In-Bread Animals / Caticorn Donut
DAZED. Kitty Nose Earring
Decoy – Rosalie Crop Top
MIWAS / Joyce Nail
Navy+Copper – Amelia
Tres Blah – Paige Jeans (Legacy) – Bleached
[BODY] Legacy
^^Swallow^^ Crossover Elf Ear
AG. Mirage Eyes
Backdrop: Foxcity
Pose: DePerla

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