Electric Eel

This hair color from Lamb makes me feel ELECTRIC. I am kind of stuck on this one angle and haze and bokeh right now, forgive me, indulge me, okay? Okay! :D

Mood: Electric Eel MGMT

Electric Eel

This entire post was inspired by this hair tbh I have nothing else to offer. No nuggets of wisdom today! I did have a lot of fun browsing at This Is Wrong which is such a wacky store name, because they are totally not wrong, their shit is legit.

Electric Eel1

Go forth and be cute!


Bokeh: Rainbow Fiesta
Build: Minimal Suite No 9
Frames: Ariskea
Plush Bun: Mish Mish
Plush Corn: hive

Pose: De Perla

Hair: Lamb
Brows: Simple Bloom
Skin: Amara Beauty
Makeup: This Is Wrong
Shine: This Is Wrong
Earrings: CHAIN
Collar: AsteroidBox
Nails: Toksik
Bra: Pure Poison
Undies: evani
Socks: Bueno
Shoes: Reign
Tattoo Top: Juna
Tattoo Bottom: Leggy

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    1. Thank you so much! :)

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