Princess in a Tentacle Crown

Mood: Florence & The Machine – Never Let Me Go

Hentai Fair Portrait

SPECIAL ALERT: toksik has updated their absolutely incredible Lunar and Angelic mesh nails for Legacy bodies, and if you owned them already they were redelivered this week. Check them out – honestly the best nails ever in SL and I never take them off if I can help it. <3  Much love for this brand overall.

The original intent for this picture was to showcase the HEAUX eyeballs but I feel it doesn’t do them justice so they will be featured again soon. :3

I had a lot of fun at the Hentai Fair. Way more than my face might imply. xD Just remember, when you have tentacles in strange places it’s hard to keep a straight face. Speaking of straight….



Hair: Foxy – Bunny (like, who wouldn’t want to fatpack it?!)
Skin: Enfer Sombre @ Hentai Fair
Head Pussy: BonBon @ Hentai Fair
Eyes: HEAUX @ Hentai Fair
Lashes: Stardust @Hentai Fair
Bra: Le Fille Casse @ Hentai Fair
Nails: Toksik @ main store
Neck: The Horror @ Romp
Pose: BESHA Bonnie @ Flora
Backdrop: Foxcity @ Hentai Fair

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