❤ uWu ❤

You must look at these eyeballs. You must. Because they are the most perfect adorable uWu eyeballs you ever did see in SL. I am not paid for this endorsement, lolz. :P

uwu 4

Don’t they make you happy just to look at them?! :D They are from a favorite eye brand of mine, HEAUX. I discovered them via Flickr a bit ago and have just been buying up so much since then. ^^

uwu 1

I’m back in my LeLutka Evolution head today because I was feeling like wearing my favorite skin, Glam Affair’s Thora. I think it is just precious and is very much my “every day” skin lately. Though of course that could change any time, because I am, as ever, a skin whore. xD Huge props again to Toksik for redoing their nails for Legacy!

uwu 2

I was going for “shocked pinup recoils in nervoucitement due to erotic approaching girldick!” I think I achieved the look. xD

After taking my photos and fussing about with them a bit I noticed that there are two “errors” in this photo, one of them bra strap stuck in arm, the other is hair clipping in choker due to alpha shenanigans. I don’t like to edit this kind of clothing malfunction out in post because I think it is disingenuous. :x But I could have caught it in world and done something to improve it. Oh well!

I do not want to credit errythang in this photoset because, well, I am tired, and I have credited a lot of it before. :3 So of course anyone is welcome to ask, not a secret, I just have a few focus items here.

Lingerie: zk
Poses: BESHA
Eyes: HEAUX!!!!! Get them!!!! @ Hentai Fair
Rings: Yummy @ Uber
Hair: Tram
Peen Bean Bag: (the creator called it a chub but I cannot deal with that, lmao) Teabunny @ Hentai Fair

Backdrop is other than that a jumble of stuff from Foxcity, Foxwood, Half Deer, and Mish Mish. :3

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