The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

SKIN FAIR! *throws confetti*

Skin Fair Strange Shanna

All good skin whores are at long last rewarded. ^^

The long awaited Strange Head is finally available from Genus in not one, but two versions! They also released new versions of their previous heads, but I did not like them any more than the ones I already had so I did not purchase them. I fell in love with Strange 2 almost instantly, because of that wide character filled nose. :3

I bought a variety of skins I plan to showcase, the first being: Amara Beauty Shanna in Tawny. I will say that all of these skins were likely designed with Classic or Baby Genus heads in mind, so there are some little quirks, but for me that’s part of the charm. :) Also featured are the Royalty Eyes from Avi Glam.

Skin Fair Strange Shanna2

I have included a non special lighting non edited picture below so you can see how the head and skin look when I am just living my Second Life and not agonizing over windlights. xD

Lunar re-released their items for the Legacy Perky and automatically sent them to me, which is DIVINE. Excellent customer service, couldn’t ask for more. This is the Vivi Bralette, one of my favorite pieces.

Skin Fair Bloop


Head: Genus Strange W002 NEW @ Skin Fair
Eyeballs: Avi Glam Royalty in Reef NEW @ Skin Fair
Skin: Amara Beauty Shanna in Tawny NEW @ Skin Fair
Makeup: Toksik Lashes 2 @ Main Store + Bossie Quick Liner @ Main Store
Hair: Tram
Body: Legacy Perky
Top: Lunar Vivi Bralette in Nude – update for Perky

Backdrop: Foxcity
Poses: Versuta

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