Influencer – Skin Fair 2

BUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HPMD, Happy Mood, has done it again. More magnificent bunnies for your home and for your shoulder. Gorgeous animesh, incredible texture options. Do get!


Mood: Royals by Lorde

This song really encapsulates what Instagram and Flickr influencers mean to me. It’s such a far removed from reality life. The ultimate fantasy. The faces are edited, the Cristal is paid for by someone else, and the leashed tigers are housecats in rhinestone collars. There’s nothing wrong with it, just.. it’s not real. And it’s important to remind ourselves of that sometimes. SL is definitely where I am a fantasy party princess. Poppin bottles fo sho. xD

League is another old favorite, and I honestly had no idea they were still making skins. Shame on my. This is the Hana skin in Pale made for Genus Classic face, and I am wearing the Strange W002 but I think it works. The eyelids are a bit wonky due to the different head but I have no complaints. Including additional photos below to show you more details with less editing. :)

Shadow Lighting in Black Dragon + BUNNY KISSES OMG
Chillin in Firestorm. Bunny is not impressed.

Never forget that on Second Life Flickr, just like on Instagram and clothing/makeup advertisements: what you see is NOT always what you get. :P

Head: Genus Strange W002 NEW @ Skin Fair
Skin: League Hana in Pale NEW @ Skin Fair
Makeup: Liner & Gloss came with skin
Brows: Simple Bloom
Hair: Stealthic @ Main Store
Dress: Osmia
Bunny: Happy Mood @ Main Store
Pose: DePerla
Backdrop: Foxcity
Flower Confetti: Half Deer


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