Housewife Spliffin’

‘K so I took a little break due to being too addicted to spending and now I am back and I am still addicted to spending but OH WELL. My girl is tryna help me get better about budgeting but then people Make Cute Things and I am lost. xD

Listen: Housewife Spliffin’ by Ängie

I recently nabbed me a Linden Home, which is very cute and I have enjoyed exploring the neighborhood (aka camming into people’s houses).  Did have one many years ago but they were kinda ugly… they still are except this one neighborhood is cute: Bellisseria. I decorated the whole thing, which is rare for me. I plan to showcase some of that on the ol’ bloggerino here, starting with this snap taken on the front porch! My entryway features a litter box, because of course that’s the first thing you want your neighbors to see! [But it’s Half-Deer so it’s cuuuute!]


Been planning for a bit to buy this top, and was hugely inspired to make a photo around it. Not normally into marijuana themed things but I have been (legally!) hittin’ the green a lot lately (life be stressful), and these lil kawaii pot leaves were irresistible, plus this song, it all just had to happen. I actually had a bear of a time getting it (@Belle Event) with all kinds of hiccups thanks to SL being wackadoodle as per usual. Luckily for me, the owner of Blossom&Seeds has top notch customer service and fixed me up in no time. Thank you so much! :)

ALSO since coming back from my little break I wanted to try a new, not usual to me kinda face shape. I kinda took all the sliders I habitually do one way, and did them the opposite way. I ended up with this Disney Princess kinda face that I often admire on many of the ladies on Flickr so I am not unhappy. This is the Lake Head from LeLutka which I was totally not gonna buy but then I totally did. *eyeroll at self*


Alright that’s all for now, folks!


Hair: Stealthic
Skin: Glam Affair
Head: Lelutka
Brows: Simple Bloom
Eyes & Blush: Heaux (AH SO CUTE)

Top: Blossom&Seeds
Bottom: Lunar

Pose: Foxcity
Joint: -space cadet-

House: Linden Lab
Decor: Floorplan
Catbox: Half-Deer

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