The Inspiration of one Harley Quinn

Recently me and my gal pals watched Birds of Prey from home due to quarantine. It was an excellent follow up to the sausage fest that was Suicide Squad. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack a lot ever since. Particular inspiration for this post and the look in it came from this song (Smile by Maisie Peters), this bodysuit from Belzebubble, and this lipstick from Nar Mattaru. Wearing blue for my special lady, you know who you are. *winks*


*stabs the next man that tells her to smile with her parasol*

Who Are The Main Characters In Birds Of Prey Cast?

Got bridges to burn and places to run
Yeah, this smile is a loaded gun


Anyway if you like ridiculously amazing outfits with too many accessories, eggie sammiches, animals, and beating up some fuckin douchebag men, you should watch Birds of Prey. I was not paid for this post, honest mister!


Parasol: Yokai
Neon Lights: Half-Deer

Skin: Glam Affair
Lipstick: Nar Mattaru
Glasses: Dazed
Choker: The Horror
Necklace: Supernatural
Rings: Yummy
Earring Skelly: Velika Rituals
Earring Pom: e.marie

Hair: Exile
Bodysuit: Belzebubble



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