Hands On You

Set the mood: Hands On You – Ashley Monroe


This dress has got to be one of the best value purchases I have ever made in Second Life. It is hella versatile and really well made. It was a Fifty Linden Friday purchase a couple weeks ago from a brand I really enjoy, Tetra. It has 2 sleeve length options, several sheerness levels, and super awesome undies in a variety of colors. Wow! In full honesty there are some tiny issues around the armpits which cannot be solved by your body alpha hud due to the dress being sheer (which is so fucking gorgeous) but it’s a small price to pay.

Also this dress makes me feel like a femme fatale. So there’s that.

Massive props also to FOXCITY. If you have read more than one or two of my posts you might note I use their backdrops and poses a helluva lot. I really like their aesthetic and the poses are usually interesting and work with my pear body shape. They feel natural and elegant. The backdrops as well are versatile and have so many options. Plus they have hud controls in many cases. I mean. Wow, right?


The last thing I want to draw special attention to is my skin, which is from a new to me brand called Boataom. The face on this skin is super sweet and I am really pleased to have picked it up. Not my usual, I am kind of a Glam Affair fangirl (who isn’t?!) but I had fun with it. They have a small chest option on their body skin which I really appreciate as someone who prefers itty bitty titties. The body looks incredible in advanced lighting but kinda strange in regular every day about town settings. I love it for photography though! It came with a wide variety of brow options. The one thing I find kinda weird is that the face skin came on a skin layer with no body, and the body layer is a separate purchase on the tattoo layer which means I had to reapply my other body layers. Not a big deal but slightly less convenient than I would prefer.


When I blog a new skin I do like to give you an idea of what it looks like in world without any fancy lighting, angles, editing. This is like, y’know, the r/instagramreality of my Second Life blog. xD




Featured Items:

Dress: Tetra
Skin: Boataom
Backdrop + Poses: FOXCITY

Brows: Simple Bloom (always <3)
Hair: Doux
Lips: Nar Mattaru
Eyes: Euphoric
Eyeshadow: Adored
Necklace: Minimal
Nails: Toksik
Earrings: Triggered

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