Cute Things #234756234

I love cute things so basically all posts are cute things but I couldn’t think of a title today. This song was chosen because I like it, but also because the music video is basically SL but real. xD That cat girl sex hat party hair aesthetic. I’m here for it! Doja Cat – Go To Town


I weirdly love taking selfies in SL, all angles are good angles. I kinda hate selfie culture irl, but the details are so much nicer in SL closeups. :3

The hair and bracelets here are from the faMESHed anniversary event (I always say fame shed in my head and I feel like that’s legit). It has sooo much good stuff and tons of free gifties as well. I have to say how much I loooooove these bracelets because they are rigged. God I wish all necklaces and bracelets and watches were rigged because honestly they just don’t really work otherwise. :(



Hair: Monso
Skin: Glam Affair
Dress: Seniha
Shoes: Frayed
Plush: Yokai

Pose & Backdrop: FOXCITY
Terrariums: Half-Deer


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