Baby, Write This Down

I lived in this outfit for like 3 days which for me is crazy unusual. It just fits together so perfectly. I’ve been trying to explore props and seated poses lately, trying to come out of my comfort zone, and this Ink & Love Letter pose & prop set from *NyaGore* was very inspiring!


This photo shoot (omg listen to me) reminded me of two songs about writing that I really enjoy, and I definitely felt the happier of the two was more appropriate to the visual mood I had set. I love the soft glowing colors and the soft sweetness of this cheesy country song. xD Baby Write This Down – George Strait (concert feed with annoying fans, sorry! Best I could find on YouTube, I am dinosaur music fan.) Fun Fact: George Strait was my first concert, approximately 3,000 years ago.

Tell yourself I love you and I don’t want you to go
Write this down


A note on this top from Pixicat: it only comes in standard Legacy body, not Perky. I wear Perky pretty exclusively now, and honestly with a top like this my boobs being smaller than the corset top leaves space that is kinda sexy and realistic. Highly recommended! Yeah I’ve totally been ogling my own cleavage. I fatpacked this shirt – it’s legit lol. :3

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: Rouly makes the best butt on the grid right now. The jeans from Rouly always look like I actually want my booty to look, and they are just flawless with the Legacy shape and my own personal taste on what is sexy.

Gratuitous Booty:



Post Sponsor:

Eyebrows: Simple Bloom [[SB] *LeL_Evolution* JuliaAir HighArch ::FatPack::]

Featured Items:

Top: Pixicat @ Collabor88 [-Pixicat- Maire Top (Legacy)]
Bottom: Rouly @ Mainstore [ROULY :: Afrodita Skinny Jeans – Basic (Legacy)]
Letter & Pencil: *NyaGore* [:: Ink Love Letter L[04]]
Seated Poses: *NyaGore* [Love Letter Set – multiple]
Standing Pose: FOXCITY [Sweetie 01 Fatpack Exclusive]

Other Credits:

<Nar> Extras: Winged Liner
[Heaux] Baby Blush – Barely There
[Glam Affair] Nicole Layer [Lelutka] 007 E
[RAKATO] Zodiac Tattoo – Faded
Kibitz – Brenda’s choker – fatpack
LeLUTKA.Head.Lake.1.2 (SL)
Magika – Hair – Faye (Size 1)
toksik – Lunar Nails (Legacy)
[BODY] Legacy (f) Perky (1.2.1)

Setting: My SL Home ^^
Featuring Sleepy Corgi from Foxwood and Bunny Burger Pillow from Dust Bunny :) <3

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