I couldn’t come up with a title so I used the number 47 because I inexplicably like it! Normally I would give a song link but I don’t have one of those either because my head is completely spun over this piece of classical music that I remember from my childhood that recently played in my roommate’s room. No one can identify it so I am just listening to classical compilations on YouTube in the hopes of stumbling upon it. xD

Why yes, this is my classical music listening outfit. You caught me!

This is my first attempt to find it, sadly it was not one of the 65. But it’s still an awesome compilation, fun to put names to sounds you know but cannot name. Top 65 Classical Music Masterpieces Everyone Knows, But Not Everybody Knows Their Titles


I have been doing a helluva lot of shopping in Second Life lately, the releases are just so amazing. I am a shopping raptor and I cannot be contained even in a high security cement enclosure. “Shoooot heerrrrrrr!111111!!!!!” <- my wallet screaming in agony.

Oh by the way my fiance says that I love the number 47 because I love Star Trek. This is as logical as any other explanation, so I accept it. memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/47


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