Thinking of You

I definitely 200% did not take these photos in the yard of the cute boy I like while listening to sappy country music. If I did such a thing, I would definitely not have said sappy music on repeat; certainly not a search of all the songs called “Thinking of You.” Because that would be crazy. If I did such a thing, I would not tell you about it.

Ooorrrr maybe I would because I am high and have no SL shame even when sober. Thus I will also tell you that apparently this song was written about his kid and I shoulda sung it to my cat instead of mooning over a boy to it.

Oh well. YOLO!

I super love this picture I took, so much I put a lens flare on it. Lens flare. C’mon guys that’s how you know shit’s getting serious in your photo taking. This is a recent release Tire Swing from Granola, which is super cute but I butchered the hell out of it to get this photo. Nothing in my pose is available in this swing. I made a copy of the swing, removed all the contents (scripts, cards, etc) and replaced it with… nothing. Then I attached the empty swing to my pelvis like a prop, found a pose I loved best, and positioned the swing around my body. And used the AXIS HUD, and my Legacy HUD, and my Lelutka HUD. There was just a lot going on at the frenetic pace of 5 fps. :P I really wanted to use the recent Truth release but I couldn’t get the baby hairs alpha to work in high gfx settings.

I’ve done a lot of shopping recently, finally deciding to visit a bunch of stores whose work I love and buy in every event. Used to be the point of an event was to learn about a brand and get an LM to their mainstore, thus encouraging additional purchases. I feel like the bulk of the blogosphere these days uses items exclusively from events or worse, blogger groups. Which means they rarely if ever go shopping in the actual brick n mortars. I mean, not actual ones, virtual ones, but real. Yes! Makes absolute sense.

Anyway, I also used some old stuff here which was big fun. Also some stuff of medium age, not to be confused with myself, of middle age. Am I going to regret this post later?

Certainly not! *adjusts monocle*

You should see how cute my butt looks in this dress.

Also hello here is my vajayjay.

Let’s end on a high note, shall we?! (Who am I kidding? This whole damn blogpost’s a high note. This one’s for you, Riley. xD)

TTFN! <3


Post Sponsor:

Eyebrows by Simple Bloom: [SB] LeL_Evolution JuliaAir LowTail

Featured Items:

Head: LeLutka Lake
Body: Legacy Perky
Skin: Glam Affair Rhian Skin [ Lelutka ]
Necklace: VINYL August Necklace Gift
Dress: Gaia Amy Dress + Lara Chain Belt Moon
Stockings: alaskametro<3 “Gigi” lingerie 04 rose gold
Shoes: Flite. – V-3S

Tire Swing by Granola

Other Items:

Unsure about decor of yard, sorry!
Juna: Karin tattoo Light Classic Avatar
e.marie // Mix&Match Coffin Nails
PUNCH / Nose Ring / Kitty
Smolfry. // Sailor Bindi Rose Gold
Stealthic – Penance
[RHUDE] Simplicity Nosering Gold

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