aloha af

Heard this song last night at da club and fell in love, and this compilation of people dancing to it is just the absolute best business.

My avatar and my Second Life are in a constant state of flux lately. I would like that to not be the case. :P I am done trying to change for other people, even though I don’t mind small things, it tends to add up and creep up and then I end up feeling bad about myself because I am not, never was, will never be, good enough for “them.” “Them” is just.. whoever is trying to change me at the time, and I need to better about not caving to the pressure.

If you don’t jump to put jeans on, baby you don’t feel my pain

This is not to say I don’t love change, because I sooooo do. I just need it to align with my own values and my own tastes. I spend a lot of time telling people to live their Second Lives for their own best enjoyment and I need to take that advice too and own it.

So: Sup y’all, I am Bunny, I like having a big butt and small(ish) titties, I like pink and animesh animals, I like pretty princess faces and cluttery decor and relationships that are shouted to the world and my fierce bestie who always has my back even when we both don’t make the best choices. I like being cute and dancing at sex clubs in SL for hours while doing other stuff and I never get bored of people watching. I like getting my butt slapped, I am shy about sex but I really want to learn! :P SO THERE.



Head: Genus Baby
Hair: Truth
Skin: Heaux
Brows: Simple Bloom
Eyeliner/Lashes: Warpaint
Earrings: Vibing
Necklace: CHAIN
Puka Shells: Reign
Bikini: Momochuu
Backdrop: FOXCITY
Pose: versuta

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