Oh my lawd. OH. My. Lawd. So much.

Listen to this frothy little song:

Touch me like a summer night, you feel like a holiday

Post one or two little pixel punanis and suddenly Flickr got me on lockdown. xD I finally got all that resolved with the help of a fantastic Flickr CSR Genevieve. Truly excellent and timely customer service. No lie though I was upset as heck about my flickr suddenly being completely restricted due to one photo being reported, and I honestly wasn’t even super aware of the whole safety restriction rules and functionality. So now I know and can be compliant.

I mean yeah I travel with my tits out, don’t you?

In addition to that I was finally able to get my flickr login updated to something not yahoo, because honestly who uses yahoo anymore? And last but not least, was able to ditch my crappy old defunct URL and switch to a more “on brand” URL. Though the idea of me being a brand is laughable, it is nice to have consistency. :P

OK CAN Y’ALL HELP ME DEAL WITH THIS LIPGLOSS. This is a no edit no fancy anything screenshot from Firestorm viewer. I am living for this lipgloss. Honestly never want to take it off. If I could have it irl that would be ideal. Big props to Ives Beauty for this. :D

I feel like my avatar looks a little sad lately but I think it’s an accurate reflection of the person inside. Shit’s rough, yo. Covid is really getting people spun out, depression and anxiety are on the rise. The weather is crazy. My romantic trials and tribulations in SL are depressing AF. I had no idea it was possible to do so many things wrong, lol. Dating IRL is way way easier! Whoda thunk it. Anyway here is my av being pensive and sad about her dating failures:

Nothing particularly insightful this week folks.


Backdrop, Pose, Luggage, Thought Bubble: Foxcity @ Collabor88

Jeans: Tres Blah @ Collabor88

Shoes: Reign @ Collabor88

Top: Gaia @ Equal10 (pasties from Mug)

Hair: Kuni @ Access

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