.Tardfish. Soda POP! This is so dang cute. I am holding the Strawberry flavor and I gave my bestie Green Tea. The most adorable lil panda bear pops out. :3 I am going to include a gyazo gif in the comments so you can see! You can get this item at the Hongdae Event!

On Tilly, Right:

Hair – Nashaly Doux
Dress – Lunar – Love Dress
Socks – Tetra – warm socks

On Bunny, Left:

Hair: Tram
Moody Octopus: Stoic
Top: Mellowcute
Socks: Sakura

Pose: West End
Foxwood – Chickhuahua
kotte – meal deal – bunny bun burger
Hangry – Bear Chicken Burger Tray
This couch is also animated in texture it is wild and nothing but in world viewing gives it justice. It’s from Nomad. :)

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