About Bunny

I am 38 now. All else is same. :P Bunny Darkheart in Second Life™

Y’all, I am 36 now. 36! I again still live in Southern California. I have 4 cats now. FOUR. Some of my insane family has died. Womp Womp. Everything is the same and yet nothing is, but I can see a consistency in my online habits, my writing, my personality. Still weird AF, still spending too much on SL, still playing WoW, I don’t know if this is a sad update or a happy one.

Nah, that’s not true. I am pretty happy. :)

I am 30, again/still living in Southern California. I still have 2 cats and an insane family. I don’t play games nearly as much as I used to.

I STILL TYPE IN ALL CAPS FOR LITTLE REASON. My name is, again, Bunny Blindside. For the past 2ish years I have played as Buffy Faith. She has a broken inventory so I finally gave up on that shit. =P

I am here again. Yay! Old About Me kept below for amusements sake.

This is my theme song: Don’t Stop Me Now, Queen.

I am a 27 year old single female living in sunny Southern California. I have 2 cats, an insane family, and some great old friends.

I have been active in general gaming for almost as long as I can remember, as far back as having an Atari when I was super young, competing at Duck Hunt, breaking nazi heads in Wolfenstein 3D and smashing the hell out of dollies in my most favorite Nintendo game ever, Mendel Palace.

I love movies, books, games, music and more. This blog will be about…. whatever I feel like writing about when I sit down.

I SLive to SLhop. (No, that’s cant be right…) I OFTEN TYPE IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE THAT’S COOL. I wear a lot of weird attachments. I like taking pictures. I want a pony.

I play World of Warcraft, but I no longer raid heavily or competitively. I have three level 80’s, a shaman, a druid, and a priest. Armory links for priest and shaman are located in my links sidebar, if interested. Druid is poo retired!


PS: I should probably mention somewhere on this page that my name in world is Bunny Blindside. =P

I also have a shop in SL called Whork! I sell poses and stuff. =]