New @ Blanc.:
Freckles: Ladybird. // Paige Freckles – 5
Face: [Heaux] Mimi – Browless – Rosekiss *VE
Earrings: .[ KUMIHO ]. Amora Plugs Set [Swallow Gauged S]
Eyeballz: SOMEONE – Glitch Eyes – Glitched
Nails: L x Q // Usagi Nails – Almond
Pose: mirinae: kanae 3 m

New @ INKsanity
Face Tattoo: -The Silence- Exotic Lines 3 EVOX BOM

Old But Good / Avatar Staples:

Skull: / HEAD / lel EvoX GAIA 3.1
Hot Bod: REBORN by eBODY v1.68
Neck Tattoo: Lilithe’// Zorya Tattoos – Fresh
Brows: rotten {tsundere brows} apricot butter: 01 [B]
Blushies: [Heaux] Winter Girl – Cheek Blush & Nose Blush
Piercing: B L A I S E . Celestial Septum Set (Moon + Star)
Hairz: DOUX – Jess Hairstyle [S]
Ring: duckie . entwined reborn GOLD
Lip Piercing: Swan Anja in Love Lip Heart gold

Things I wear always:
-SU!- Tired Eyebags Light /Eyeliner/ 60%
Temizi Store “Avalon Dimples – Style 1” #8 (BoM LeL EVO X)
Dazed. Cuppycake Makeup #Beauty Marks [lel EVOX]
Ladybird. // Deviant – Baby (Tattoo)
. Nar Mattaru . Tintable Button Nose Shadow {Lel Evo X}
rotten . bb pets scars . bunny {healed} ~ lel evo x

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